We pride ourselves in adapting our recruitment methods to our clients’ needs and in turn keeping them ahead of their competition

Our Sales recruitment practice manages permanent roles across a broad range of industries and sectors with a focus on mid-management to board level positions. 

We have placed sales and general management experts into locally listed as well as global multinational corporations across the UK. We assist companies operating in a variety of sectors. 


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    Who benefits most from the end of the ‘job for life’?

    Job-to-job moves are on the up, and over the la...

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    Off Payroll Rules: Understanding the changes

    Want to know more about how changes to legislat...

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    The most common IR35 questions we get asked by contractors

    We've compiled the FAQs we receive from contrac...

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    Watch our recent IR35 Contractor Event

    How will changes to legislation affect my IR35 ...

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    Ageism: the elephant in the room?

    Scroll through your LinkedIn feed and see how l...

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    The Modern Marketer

    Earlier this week, we hosted an event in associ...

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