The effectiveness of any ERP system depends on the effectiveness of the people who incorporate it. 

Postmodern ERP is about ensuring the value of an integrated core ERP system augmented by user-centric, cloud-based best of breed solutions. At Argyll Scott, we’re dedicated to helping our clients achieve a return on investment through increased usability, simplification and seamless integration. That’s why we design consultative recruitment solutions that help IT investments meet their objectives. 

Our team works tirelessly to provide the best organic talent in Benelux, Nordics, DACH and the UK. 


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    Brexit skills shortages

    Three in five firms say the UK’s skills shortag...

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    Who benefits most from the end of the ‘job for life’?

    Job-to-job moves are on the up, and over the la...

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    The impact of Brexit on your SAP system

    According to recent research from Standard & Po...

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    Off-Payroll Rules: client guide

    What should my company do to ensure it is prepa...

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    Draft IR35 legislation published: a summary of the key changes

    In the wake of the government’s recent IR35 pri...

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    ERP Rate Card 2019 - DACH

    Based on our meetings with organisations across...

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