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You're not a candidate, you're an individual. We understand that and respect it. We take the time to understand the unique situation and requirements of each person who trusts their next career move to us.

You're here because you're either considering moving jobs or actively looking for a new opportunity. You may know exactly what you want to be doing and where or you may just not want to be doing what you are doing right now for the company you are doing it for.  

We're specialist recruiters who work with management professionals day in day out providing them with tailored career advice, identifying suitable new oppportunities and assisting them to secure the right jobs in the right companies in the right places.




We find the right jobs to meet the requirements of talented management professionals.

A diverse range of management professionals across key business functions trust us to find them the right job to suit their personal circumstances, career aspirations and skill sets.

That's because we bring the right people together with the right employers for the right jobs. We don't try to make people right for the wrong jobs or jobs right for the wrong people. That's just wrong.

We treat all individuals with respect and we apply the highest levels of integrity and discretion when handling personal and professional information.


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Whether you're a contractor used to moving between contracts or in a permanent role and haven't changed jobs in years, we're here to help. We'll work with you to find the right opportunity to suit your personal objectives and circumstances. Key to this is an open and honest relationship and clear communication between you and your consultant. We'll give you an straightforward, honest and constructive appraisal of the options available to you and the best way to present your CV, skills and experience. We'll guide you through the interview process and assist you negotiate and accept job offers and remuneration packages. It doesn't stop there, we'll support you through your resignation process and keep in touch with you whilst you settle into your new position.


You'll have a bespoke marketing prgramme designed just for you.


You'll always receive full details about a position. You decide if we should discuss your details with a client.


You'll be properly prepared for every step of the way by your consultant.

If you can't find what you're looking for, drop us a line and we'll make sure the person you need gets back to you.



Make sure to keep in touch. Register to update us with your latest CV and receive the latest opportunities in your inbox in just a few clicks. Don't keep it all to yourself, though. If you know a friend or peer who is looking for a new job, we'd love to know about them so we can help. If we do find them their next job, we'll give you a voucher to say thank you.

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We're passionate about contract recruitment. This is a key part of our business and we're proud of the services we provide to our contractors.



  • “Working in IT it’s good to speak to people who have a level of understanding of the industry - Hydrogen fit this. People I've dealt with always been highly knowledgeable”


    Business Transformation Contractor

  • “Hydrogen Consultants are friendly, always in contact and catching up, making sure you’re comfortable in the role...and were encouraging!”


    Accounting & Finance Professional

  • “They ensure that I am communicated to through the whole process. Prompt, informative and extremely helpful. Everything and more that I would expect, and head and shoulders above other recruiters I've worked with in the past​.”


    Sales Professional

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