Scaling Agile, making it work for you

1 May 12:00 by Leigh-Jay Lawrence

Using agile methods is a great way for businesses to adapt in an ever changing market. It gets harder to implement, however, the more your business grows.

So, how can you encourage agile adoption across your teams and people?

We held a meetup to analyse this question and scaling agile as a whole. Our panel of speakers Sam Zawadi, Amanda Colpoys and Mark Jeckells proved to be a great hit with the audience.

Topics included "Agile at scale" with two case studies on Moonpig's agile transformation journey. You can find all the slides for these below.

A big thank you to all those who attended, and to our host on the night Sarosé Burnley!


Agile @ scale, by Sam Zawadi, Lead Agile Coach at Agilica


The Moonpig story (so far), by Amanda Colpoys, Agile Coach at


Using systems thinking to scale agile by Mark Jeckells, Agile Coach at Société Générale